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Shenzhen city Enkor Electronics Ltd. was established shenzhen in 2003. its a high-tech enterprise focussing on audio products and multimedia audio product provider adhereing to market-oriented,customeroriented business pholosophy.After gaining an experience of 10 years in international marketing,Enkor is engaged in R&D,strong manufacturing units and a quality management system which helps to cooperate with the world's top enterprises successfully.

Enkor currently employes 1200 workers, owns 38000 sq.m operating area.we have three production bases,Respectively, Shenzhen Shajing Shenguang Industrial Park, Jiangxi Nankang Industrial Park, Jiangxi Ganzhou Priest Industrial Park, is designed in accordance with modern industrial park standards, in which the working area and living area is divided properly and efficiently with a beautifulenvironment and supporting facilities.Our company has a seperate workshop and several CNC machines,to ensure and maintain the quality of products.Enkor carries out ISO9001:2000 quality management system strictly and was certified with NATIONAL 3C quality certificate in March 2010.

Before the product is released in the market, we rigorously carry out market researches and client surveys. we have plastic moldmanufacturing workshop, plastic injection forming workshop,wooden box workshop, PCBA board processing workshop which have automatic SMT patch and AI plugin machine, speaker unit workshop and several assembly lines,Enkor has our own production department from product design to major component manufacturing and final product assembly,our advanced production equipment, accurate inspection instrument.

The seven major types of products existing in Enkor are multimedia speaker,5.1 home theatre,HIFI speakers,Bluetooth portable speakers,headphones, mobile battery speaker, professional stage speaker.The continuous updation of our products are the major reason for our dedication for providing a wide range and efficient products to our users.

  • Shenzhen High-tech enterprise
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • Zhongguancun Annual Recommended Products
  • Best Price/Performance award
  • Shenzhen High-tech enterprise
  • Quality Management System Certificate
  • ENCOR Shenzhen Sha Jing Industrial Park (headquarter)
  • ENCOR Jiangxi Nankang Industrial Park
  • ENCOR Jiangxi Ganzhou Pastoral Industrial Park (planning)
  • Since Enkor was founded, they have been accompanying us to this day, this is our research and development team, their strong creativity is our most precious treasure
    Team has excellent acoustic engineers, structural designers, electronic engineers and so on, talented they for Enkor developed a variety of products exported to all over the world speakers.
  • Our acoustic engineers are experienced and rely on professional software such as femm/finecone/lead, such as the design and development of horn and box
    The sample will be tested in the anechoic chamber using Mlssa/lms Acoustic test system. Ensure product development efficiency and accuracy.
  • Core technology: Power amplifier IC Module making
    The power amplifier IC is the heart of a stereo, which determines the sound quality of the product in a great degree,
    Encore of each product core parts by the company's research and development department to personally fencing, all-round control of quality.
  • Enkor,Always to create high-quality sound products as the primary goal, with advanced technology and electro-acoustic technology to bring real music experience.
HDA HD Digital Audio decoding technology

Built-in 24bit High-performance codec, DAC snr up to 95dB, high quality
Restore decoded music, support Ape, FLAC, WAV lossless audio format, with CD-level sound quality.

Encor uses new technology and color to build high quality acoustic speakers

Encor Original DSPC Digital Distortion control technology, through DSP single-chip microprocessor to the power output distortion of the acquisition, calculation, automatic control amplifier gain, in order to achieve the different sound source of high and low level input compatibility. With the addition of DSPC technology, you can listen to various styles of music, not only to ensure the low distortion of sound, but also to ensure the dynamic characteristics of the original music. Unconsciously complete all intelligent controls to avoid hardware damage and protect your hearing.

In addition to the voice of the expressive, encore to product appearance industrial design is also quite ingenuity, 2.0 speaker that is the desktop shelf box, is generally placed on the table, so with the entire home style matching and coordination, but also we consider the factors, in addition to the classic black, but also introduced a variety of different colors of colorful models, This greatly enriched the user's visual enjoyment and embellishment of the surrounding environment, the eyes of the eye, really did a pleasing.

Encor Recruitment

We're looking for a group of people, but few of them,

They're not geniuses, they're not elites,

But earnest, yearning for a better life,

Don't look, you're the one!

To Encore Bar, although there are not many handsome beauty, not shocking the circle of friends of the monthly salary, but here is a real tribe, to you cooking is honest village aunt, accompany you with a dormitory is a fellow traveler, out is a large grassland and not well-known tree, although not so beautiful, but also originally not so "beautiful", tasted bitter, Is sweet.

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